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Avery Dennison Corporation

Trade Show Exhibit

“Avery Dennison is a global leader in labeling and packaging materials and solutions. The company’s applications and technologies are an integral part of products used in every major market and industry.”

Project Description: At the 2012 Label Expo Show, Avery Dennison had a 50x80 booth space. The Company needed Rogers to create seven marketing modules with one consistent look representing each of Avery’s marketing segments. Each module was required to have a clean, modern feel while serving as an educational tool for attendees. In addition, the modules were required to dispense the client’s product segment labels. A solution was needed to store and conceal unused labels and test products within the modules. Avery also needed a hospitality area that would allow attendees the ability to see their marketing modules while seated in the hospitality area.

Solutions: While a consistent shape and style was used for all modules, colorful and informative thin-film polystyrene graphics were used as a custom overlay giving each module a very distinctive look. While the overlays seamlessly helped conceal the lower cabinets within the modules, they also showcased the products that differentiated each marketing segment.

Each marketing segment module was identified by name along both sides of the module. Each unit had inset illuminated shelving to display segment products. The pharmaceutical module was individualized by adding an inset mini refrigerator to help keep the blood bags cool. This demonstrated how the labels would hold up in cooler temperatures while still adhering to the polymer surface of a blood bag.

The seven marketing modules were placed around the hospitality area to create a visually informative perimeter. When seated in the hospitality area, attendees could easily see the marketing modules and the informational messages they displayed.

Cabinets with graphic overlays were incorporated into each of the modules just below the inset shelves to create room for storage of unused product and to house the dispensers for the client’s labels. Custom slots were cut into the face of the modules to allow the labels to dispense freely from the module.

Results: Avery Dennison was very pleased with the overall look and practically of the booth, especially the individual marketing segment modules. The custom modules blended well with other large structural areas such as conference rooms, which were built using rental components. Avery Dennison felt the booth was both stylish and dramatic while serving as a visual aid to help them educate their clients about all the advantages of their products. The client received a lot of positive feedback from both their staff and show attendees for a beautiful and distinctive design that helped differentiate each of their marketing segments.

Avery Dennison Corporation Case Study Avery Dennison Corporation Case Study Avery Dennison Corporation Case Study Avery Dennison Corporation Case Study Avery Dennison Corporation Case Study Avery Dennison Corporation Case Study
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