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Butler Home Products

Trade Show Exhibit

Company Description: “Butler Home Products is a leading manufacturer and distributor of branded cleaning products in North America. We offer products under numerous brands including – Butler, Mr. Clean, Dawn and Charmin. We also supply many of our retail partners with their private label brands. Butler’s products can be found in all retail channels of distribution across the USA and Canada – Mass Merchants, Supermarkets, Drug Stores, Specialty Stores, Home Centers and more.”

Design Challenge: Create a visually dynamic, lightweight and inviting exhibit within an unusually long and narrow exhibit space: 20’ x 130’ for the 2012 International Home + Housewares Show. Our client wanted to create a completely enclosed space with only one entrance/exit at the far end of the booth without having the booth feel as though it was closed off. In addition they wanted us to create a bold “get noticed” statement without the use of hanging signs which are very costly to rig from the ceiling. And finally, a very high priority was placed on reducing show site costs by reducing exhibit weight and therefore drayage, and by reducing installation and dismantle time.

Solutions: The exhibit consisted of a series of monolithic towers using “pillow-case” stretch white fabric over an aluminum framework. The towers varied in height from 16’ up to 24’ creating a dramatic visual effect that attendees noticed from across the show floor. The towers partially enclosed the booth yet the booth still had an open, somewhat airy feel to it. The towers were aligned on each side of the booth running lengthwise across the 130’ space.

To add to the open feel, rectangular windows were cut into the towers with graphics hung within the openings to identify the product samples which were displayed on free standing kiosks placed inside the booth and beneath each tower. The varying height of the towers punctuated the exterior space giving it a bold, larger-than-life feel while creating an organized interior space that allowed the booth to be split into zones and smaller brand stories.

To minimize the feel of the space being somewhat enclosed, 8’ tall pieces of milk plexiglas were used between the staggered towers to let more light in and create an open feel.

The design allowed the use of virtually all the vertical space in the hall to help promote the strength of the brand. The varied height of the fabric towers, from 16’ to 24’ provided dramatic visibility without the use of a hanging sign or rigging. The towers were pre-assembled on the floor and because of their light weight they were simply lifted upright by hand and moved into place without the use of equipment or expensive rigging.

Instead of using heavy wall panels and hanging signs, eight structural towers were erected out of lightweight aluminum tubing and then skinned with pillowcase fabrics. The towers were considerably lighter than previous show properties and the installation was faster.

Results: The client was very pleased with their presence at the show and how the booth reflected the strength of their brands. The booth could be seen from everywhere in the hall. The client was also very pleased with the flow of the booth and the product presentation which led clients from one product story to the next. Moreover, the fabric towers greatly reduced drayage charges versus previous shows.

Butler Home Products Case Study Butler Home Products Case Study Butler Home Products Case Study Butler Home Products Case Study Butler Home Products Case Study Butler Home Products Case Study
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