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Trade Show Exhibit

Project Description: In 2011 we designed a 40’x50’ for Acciona for the WindPower Show. It was a modular turn-key rental solution with bold rear-illuminated graphics and dramatic monolithic units, and it won an Event Design Award that year for the Best All-Modular Exhibit. The booth was designed as a single-use lightweight solution; however, the response to the exhibit in 2011 was so positive that Acciona asked us to retrofit the booth for a new campaign and new products for the 2012 show.

The original design challenge was in creating a dramatic rental booth with a limited budget. The flexibility of the system (gasketed fabric graphics with pierce-cut backlit end panels) lent itself to quick and cost-effective changes to create a second booth with an entirely different look, feel and message.

Reusing the same booth properties in a similar configuration with new, but characteristically similar graphics also helped to support the Acciona “brand” over two consecutive years.

The simplicity of the design and its elegant synthesis of graphics and structure make it one of our best works.

Acciona Case Study Acciona Case Study Acciona Case Study Acciona Case Study Acciona Case Study Acciona Case Study
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