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Don’t Customize your Business to Content and Relationship Management Software.

Customize Our Software to Your Business!


The Rogers Company is pleased to offer one of the most innovative, intuitive and mobile lead management programs available today. HyperLeads is a simple, yet powerful way to tell your company’s story, within moments of meeting your potential clients.

HyperLeads is a lead management system used to gather information via Web, PC, iOS®, and Android® devices.

What it Does

HyperLeads provides:

  • Solutions that empowers you to generate and deliver your message quickly and efficiently

  • A perpetual trade show lead database

  • Electronically archived marketing and sales documents

  • Real-time fulfillment of marketing materials to customer

  • Real-time delivery of lead to aligned sales representatives

  • Customizable marketing and sales qualifiers by event

  • 30/60/90 day follow-up with representative for EACH lead

  • Management Reports

  • Technology that allows fast and effective gathering of your event’s attendee data and ensures proper correspondence tracking and follow-up, even after the event is over

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How it works:

Our Real-time Cloud Based Technology provides a secure platform that protects visitor privacy, and provides real-time communication between exhibitors and event attendees.

Extensive pre-show tech support, and experienced, courteous, on-site staff to ensure exhibitors’ satisfaction.

We provide hardware, and software, that allows you to quickly and efficiently capture lead information at tradeshows and events.

HyperLeads works at every event  - No new lead system to learn, or sales people to retrain, we offer a single point of contact for all lead management needs. Highly customizable to your needs on a per-event basis.

Sharing Content using HyperLeads is simple, fast, and reliable.  The moment you scan, our server has already securely stored, and backed up your lead off-site, and you won’t ever need to worry about losing your data.

Simply qualify your leads with predetermined questions, select the content that you would like shared, and once submitted, the attendee will receive a custom crafted email with your company's branding and email body, and a link to the content that you’ve attached.

 How it works - HyperLeads




HyperLeads’ Content Management and Generation Systems are administered by a cloud based CMS that allows real-time updates of client facing materials, access control and usage tracking.

Real-time Synchronization with your Existing Infrastructure:  automatically retrieve information from your existing CRM or CMS and make it available to all of your sales force while in the field.

Notify your sale teams of new leads in real-time or at the end of a show by market, territory, or product line.

Gauge customer interest  by tracking the number of views and downloads of the content you shared with them. Reports include: Attendee Information,  Attendee Demographics (using qualifying questions)

*Integrate with your Existing CRM such as SalesForce, NetSuite, ACT and many others by uploading at the end of a show or in real-time.

Don’t have a CRM? We can offer a simple, inexpensive, and intuitive tool that will empower you with all necessary tools your sales force needs to close the sale.

*Cost and integration technology with existing CRM may vary

 CRM CMS - HyperLeads



Tradeshow and Event ROI

HyperLeads helps you calculate a ROI for your trade shows and events as leads and follow-ups are appropriately flagged with their origin allowing you to track their progress until they become a prospect, quote, invoice and sale. This enables you to correlate the budget of your marketing efforts to maximize results.




Providing Content

Present a Wide Range of Content and Materials

HyperLeads provides a customized, secure, cloud-based infrastructure that allows you to upload and display content such as:

  • Product Literature, photos & specifications

  • Various Media including video, 3D renderings, interactive models and animations

Produce Content: We can also produce marketing content for you from various sources including:

  • Engineering files

  • Sketches

  • Drawings

  • Photos

  • White papers

Startup is quick, inexpensive and easy. Consultants are available to get to know your business and to customize the platform to serve your needs.

We Make It Easy - HyperLeads



Don’t Customize your Business to Content and Relationship Management Software.

Customize Our Software to Your Business!

Standout from the crowd - HyperLeads


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