Experiential marketing is finding unique ways of engaging your customers with your product. Its purpose is to drive brand awareness by building an emotional connection to your products via a creative and sometimes counter-intuitive interaction with your products.

Most people aren’t convinced of something unless it engages their emotional intelligence as well as their other senses. That is, something will become more acceptable and permanently fixed in one’s memory if you develop an emotional attachment to it.

The Rogers Company is skilled at designing unique methods of making your product “bigger than life” such that anyone who experiences it will walk away with an experiential recollection of your product that will ultimately influence their buying decisions.

• Cause Marketing

• Hands on Booth Activity

• Larger than Life Products

 Green Screen Photography in Booth

• Live Booth Entertainment

• Booth Game Shows

• Live Booth Edutainment

• Interactive Technology with touch screens

Check out this experientail booth Hammermill, Division of International Paper used at Consumer Electronics Show (CES).  They went with a "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" theme to interact with the show attendees. Attendees were offered the opportunity to print an embarrassing photo or inappropriate text at the booth using Hammermill's new smart phone wireless printer app. The booth emcee would then take their printed photo and proceed to, shred the evidence.

Experiential Portfolio


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